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Family food safety awareness campaign

1 July 2014

“Food safety involves everyone in the food chain, including families. Life’s first lessons are usually taught at home”

This Ramadan witnessed a great initiative by the Food Safety Awareness Department at Dubai Municipality.

The food safety at home awareness campaign was spearheaded by Ms. Fatima Asfandyar Al Zarouni (Principal Food Studies Officer), Mr. AbdulAziz Bashir Alshaikh (Principal Food Health Inspection Officer) and Mr. Nasser Zeidan El Shafey (Animal Products Food Safety Officer), in collaboration with Lulu group and Apex Food Consultants.

Shoppers at Lulu Hypermarket Al Barsha were welcomed by Mr. Safe, the popular mascot from Dubai Municipality and it was a pleasant sight to see the children swarming around him. Some even found it hard to let go as you’ll see from the pictures attached in this email.

The public responded positively to subjects such as food storage, temperature control, food packaging materials,  food poisoning, hand washing techniques, the right use of cutting boards and were even inspired to gain more knowledge on food safety. This is what a few of them had to say:

Mrs. Genevieve (home maker) : I’ll have to go back home and re-arrange the food in the fridge. I’ve gained a lot of information today.

Mr. Hamad (real estate agent): This was fun! I wish I had specialised in food safety. (He actually stayed back to participate in another round in a quiz)

Pranav (9 year old student): I should tell mummy to keep the cat away from the kitchen now.

Mr. Maqsood (investor): That’s it. No more re-freezing thawed meat at home. We’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

Mr. Suraj Parakat, (Hygiene Manager at Lulu Hypermarkets and supermarkets), Mr. Prakash and team were an immense support to this event and sure did add some colour to it.

We thank our supporters for having made this event a memorable one and look forward to many more in the offing!

A positive change in attitude contributes to a better food safety culture